Application Support and maintenance

At Akshara we very well aware that the SAP system in companies is a platform for any type of decisions which are required in day to day or in long term business operation and management.

At Akshara, support services are provided on the ground that the patron’s SAP system should always be in a running condition and gives the desired outputs. The consumers get reliable and revealing support as obligatory.

Our portfolio of Application Maintenance Services includes the following:

  • We offer support services to the official projects not only as a continuous support but if required on time to time as well.
  • We provide an easy access to support team who provide a time tested, quality and agreeable solution for implemented SAP systems.
  • We focus not only on technical functioning of SAP system by fixing the issues on firefighting mode but also look on other parameters like master data, process steps follow up, minor training sessions for users to get the best out of the existing services.
  • We also provide a realistic view of future goals and reporting requirement which can occur as a result of modification in your systems.
  • However we value our customers and provide our services at affordable commercials, without compromising on quality of services and performance.