Project Management

In a competitive global market, where stakes are high, managing a comprehensive SAP project is of equal importance for implementation partner as well as customer. Working with SMEs of business as well as SAP system, project sponsors needs good project management skills.

Akshara SAP project management services offer an experienced project management approach to handle any type and size of SAP project. From project preparation to project closing, covering all the phases our project managers help our client in defining a project methodology which can reduce the project timelines and workload on core team as well. Our project management individuals are well versed with SAP- ASAP methodology or SAP Activate methodology and certified project managers. Any methodology which is used is always in line with Project Management Institute guidelines.

Our portfolio of Subject Matter Expert services includes the following:

  • Realistic deliverables for package solutions.
  • Formal risks mitigation plan with a responsibility matrix and clear communication.
  • Carefully and continuously monitoring the project scope to avoid any kind of Scope creep on the project.
  • Proper resource utilization and justified approvals needed to meet expectations on time.
  • Project execution processes are standardized and frequently communicated to reduce administrative burden and keeping project on track.
  • Commitment for timely and quality delivery in defined timelines and budget is our primary focus.