SAP System Audit

The audit of the implemented SAP systems highlights the weaknesses, gaps & checks and balances of the implementation.

The audit can be done pre- & post implementations as well. Engagement in pre-implementation stage identifies the weak areas and thus minimize risks by eliminating implementation errors on the initiatory stage both. In post implementation the system audit provides a higher view of improvements and getting the ROI asap.

Our services in pre-implementation stages provide clients a better processes mapping view , features in SAP and how to get best out the processes. This includes the following

  • Understanding the requirements
  • Discussion with implementation team
  • Suggesting the best possible mapping of processes
  • Review of Blueprint documents and level of customization
  • Review of post UAT scripts and results
  • Suggestion to help in making a Go-Nogo decision.
  • Post Implementation analysis.

Our services for post implementation we analyze the implementation see if they comply with the initial requirements for the functionality and documentation. This includes the following:

  • Study of AS-IS processes
  • Workshop with business
  • Review of Business Blueprints
  • Review of process run in system
  • Gaps analysis
  • Audit report
  • Suggestion to implement the fitment of gaps etc.
  • Review of gaps fitment implemented