Our Services

There are times when it requires a significant effort of SAP consultant to overcome a small problem. Also at other times even on an ongoing support from an expert is required to implement a new functionality or addon product for a complicated or critical functionality.

Here, the decision of choosing a right partner plays an important role as without the right partner, improper or solution of problems can lead to other problems and appear more problematic than being a solution. At Akshara, our experience helps our customer by design a simple and workable solutions. Our Experienced consultants are seasoned to efficiently manage SAP projects, swiftly handling even the most challenging projects. The team Akshara is experienced to comprehend end-to-end processes, analyses need, and provide simple, workable and right solution in order to deliver desired results.

How it works:

  • Our experienced team collects, analyses and assist in business processes and parameters, data transfer mapping and custom developments.
  • Identifies areas where enhanced SAP functionality can lead to considerable process improvements and design solutions considering the best business practices to get the maximum out of SAP.
  • update customer for SAP updates and corrections, released by SAP , time to time.
  • Review business processes and compare to the best practices in the market.
  • Conduct implementation & training workshops of all levels.

Akshara’s consultants are seasoned functional and technical experts who are very well acquainted with SAP. Their consulting expertise is a blend of software functionality as well as domain experience i.e. actual business experience with optimizing business processes through sap best practices. As a result, by Akshara’s expert consultancy customers get an expert blend of sap consulting, directional delivery, on time coupled with industry experience.

Akshara services includes a directional and methodology based approach for SAP Implementation, Upgrade, Rollout, Application Support and Maintenance (AMS) on various delivery models.