SME Services

At times organization needs an expert advice where they want to have a double surety for processes, or solution implemented. Also, when in case of absolutely new functionality is supposed to be introduced in system it is advisable to have an expert advice in place to mitigate issues which may occur. At Akshara, we make our client comfortable in terms of solution and issues. Our SME (Subject Matter Experts) are seasoned consultants in handling these areas very well.

In fact, at times apart from architecting the solution, they also manage the implementation of the solution so that there are no chances for even slight variation in the designed and implemented solution, no matter how much challenging is it.

The SMEs at Akshara carry the experience to architect end-to-end solutions, analyze business expectations, envisage upcoming issues, and provide guidance in order to deliver accepted results.

Our portfolio of Subject Matter Expert services includes the following:

  • Expert advice on SAP functionality and specifications for custom solutions.
  • Suggest solutions based on best business practices to get the maximum out of SAP processes.
  • Identify improvement areas where enhanced SAP functionality can lead to significant value addition.
  • Review existing business processes and compare to the best practices and provide directions for SAP software corrections.
  • Conduct implementation & training workshops.

Our SME’s are seasoned functional and technical experts who are very well versed with in and out of SAP systems. Their years in sap consulting expertise surpasses that of just functional modules and reaches far into real-world experience with optimizing business processes through sap best practices.