Today organizations are challenged to acquire new business processes that increase efficiency and time to market while reducing efforts and costs or may need to come to latest platform because of other obligations.

In case of business processes many of these processes have been customized by clients without any support from SAP due to support methodologies, however these processes have been introduced in SAP system in new enhancements and client can get support if they upgrade to newer package. But for many organizations, these introduced business processes (incorporated as standard SAP solution ) require upgrading the SAP system to latest enhancement package .It requires the upgrade to a new SAP software version, which is a complex task because of entire organization working on it and interruptions cannot be afforded.

With support of Akshara clients can :

  • Efficiently plan for the need of upgrade and plan for upgrade with a transparent and rational project plan based on landscape health check assessment, level of customization and processes mapping and impact assessment.
  • Reduce risk with scoped and prioritized testing methodologies.
  • Minimize system downtime during the upgrade processing.
  • Ensure the quality of your SAP application with proper quality assurance and quality planning for project.
  • Reduce time and effort with using proper project management methodologies and tools.